About MoveMkrs

We make films. We make movements

Thomas Zamolo - Film maker/Light designer, and Freddy Houndekindo - dancer/choreographer ; are two French born artists who happened to meet in Sweden-Stockholm. They have grown a common interest in bridging pop and conceptual approaches on art making as a way of democratising aesthetic.


MoveMkrs is born from the desire to deepen the relationship between dance, screen, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker. We developed an interest in how the medium of film could enable us to orchestrate contemporary dance and direct the attention of an audience more precisely than perhaps a live event. This by creating a multi-layering of sounds, images, movements, lights, composed in a manner that a theater couldn’t make possible. In other words, by making dance film into an independent artform thus non-conflicting with the live-performance, rather complementing it.

What we do

Creating takes courage and requires trust among the collaborators, often the result goes beyond expectation and the experience is priceless. We apply a non discriminatory eyes on the content dealt with, we assure integrity and support throughout the process. Regardless of the domain, we treat bodies and all actors with respect.



Ideas, intuition, concept are the key components that we will use to transform your vision into a film.


Your work has been conceived for a specific format? What we do is recreating a cinematographic version of it. So that the specificity and subtleness of your artistery will be preserved and highlighted.


Do you want to share the insight of your creative process? Have your performance filmed? Or have your festival documented? We have a wide range of scaled work.


Expertise and services

Movement, gestural, postural, body coaching




Lighting Design

Film Director

Post production: Editing, color grading

Artistic coordinator

Matilda Åberg - prores 422-00-01-00-333.

Choreographer • Performer • Creative Director


Photographer • Cinematographer • Light Designer